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Return & Refund Policy

Stock Return Term & Condition  
SUSU FN     Tiga bulan sebelum tarikh luput
      Kemek , Bocor, Rosak, Karat
Sunquick     Expired,  tolak 20%
Otak Udang (no return) Tak boleh RETURN
Maggi     Tiga bulan selepas tarikh luput masih boleh return
      Kemek , Bocor, Rosak.
Gold coin     Tiga bulan sebelum tarikh luput
      Kemek , Bocor, Rosak.
Marjerin Omeli   Tak boleh RETURN
Tepung pulut   Tak boleh RETURN

The returned goods/products will be checked with the receipt together and the goods should be in the good condition. The packaging should also be in original condition in original shipping container as received. If the goods/products has been used or damaged by the customer, there will not be any refund. Wunilink Sdn Bhd will also not be responsible if your shipment is lost during the return transit. 

Please contact us at or 05-6225 623 if you have any questions or doubts.